As individual as you


When starting to build up the idea of Majavia we’ve been looking for the perfect material for our products. Visiting several material fairs, searching on the internet and talking to experts guided us to the material of recycled leather in the end (read more here).

But not only the sustainability was convincing for us – it was also the individuality of the new leathers’ structure and color details. On the basis of this uniqueness we decided to offer something else for our customers to make a product even more special:

By adding personal initials. 


All our travel accessories are supposed to accompany our customers for a (travel-) lifetime and explore the world with them. It’s THE travel companion for holding essentials tight and protect them while you can face the challenges a traveler has to deal with.

Our personalized products are not only the perfect gift for yourself but also a special gift for others. 


Majavia Vienna