Majavia – Branding


For the branding of Majavia we were aiming to find a design that made it possible for both of us to really identify with the brand – the new brand that we created.

The first thing we’ve been puzzling our heads over was about how to name all this we were going to create. We wanted to find a name that includes some part of each of us and also one part for describing what the brand is all about. As the result of several late night get-togethers and hours of brainstorming we finally made a decision -

MAJAVIA was the perfect one:

MAgdalena + SvenJA + “VIA” (lat.: the journey)

But not only the brand name seemed to be essential for the rising of Majavia. Also the main colors for our corporate identity, the visual language and the overall brand presence had to be defined. We were sure that we wanted everything to be very minimalistic and without any trappings.

Kathrin Alexander and Gaby Möderl as Design Apartment were responsible for the creation of our logo and really transformed our ideas and imaginations into a first visual reality:



This logo was so simple but yet special that for us there didn’t need to be much more for the perfect packaging to carry our products. A grey cardboard-box in its pureness for transporting the message of sustainability of our brand in combination with the beautifully designed logo – that’s all we needed. 



In cooperation with lovely Anna Hartweger we then started the big project of building a website – which we are now more than happy to see everytime we open up But as important as the homepage itself is the visual language that is carried by the photos. Lisa Leutner was the photographer that really managed to get into our vision of Majavia and actually brought it to life.

In the meantime of all these projects we managed to define two colors (+ golden details) as THE Majavia colors – the colors that also present the two characters of the founders as seen on our business cards: 


We are proud and overwhelmed about the current appearance of our brand and are curious about what’s coming up next – stay tuned!

Majavia Vienna