The Maldivian Dream


"I wish I could take pictures with my eyes"

Traveling to the Maldives is an experience and holiday for all of your senses. Starting with the arrival by sea plane is such a unique experience by itself. Seeing the little islands lying like pearls in the Indian Ocean is one of the most spectacular views of all times. Words and picture can only try to describe how beautiful the little piece of paradise called ‘Maldives’ is. Feeling the powder sand below your feet when walking from your private beach villa to the sea, hearing the sound of fruit bats while enjoying an outdoor shower, smelling exotic spices while you are having a delicious dinner full of the freshest seafood, picture perfect coconut trees which are spreading tropical vibes all over the island, being close to mother nature while snorkeling along one of the reefs exploring the colorful underwater world and being mesmerized when the sky turns into a bright pink, orange and purple for the most stunning sunset you have ever seen. All the images you have in mind when thinking about the little islands are even way more beautiful in reality – it’s a must-see life goal.


Water or Beach?

A crucial question: are you a Beach Villa or Water Villa type? Difficult to answer and good news up-front: you can’t do any wrong. Both types of accommodation are amazing and will be an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for the ultimate and unique Maldivian get-away with private infinity pools and endless sea view – a Water Villa should be your choice (one small remark: be aware that the sea can be rough and a bit loud, so you might hear the waves all night – but that can be charming as well, right?).

If you can’t imagine anything more beautiful than walking straight from your private veranda onto the soft white beach and jump into the sea – you will be over excited when choosing a Beach Villa. I have to admit that I am more the Beach Villa type as well, as I fell in love with the lush vegetation of the islands and enjoyed it a lot to be surrounded by coconut trees and exotic flowers.


How to spend the days on the island?

Besides enjoying the luxury of doing nothing, reading a good book, relax or simply enjoy the beauty of the island, here are my personal must-dos and must-sees while staying at one of the islands:

  • Exploring the islands: either by foot or by bike (most of the Resorts are offering bicycles for free) – it’s so much fun to wander and cruise around and explore all the hidden treasures! Robinson Crusoe feeling guaranteed!
  • Be active: most of the bigger islands offer a variety of water sports (stand-up paddling, kayaking, wind- or kite-surfing). Take advantage of this offer – some of them give you a stunning perspective of the islands!
  • Go and explore the beautiful sea life either by snorkeling or diving: if you are lucky you can see a diverse underwater world full of fishes, corals, turtles, sharks, mantas, dolphins and many more.
  • Sunset cruise: seeing on of the stunning sunsets from a beautiful boat or yacht is an unforgettable experience.
  • Enjoy a private dinner at the beach with your loved ones – this might be one of the most romantic settings you can ever imagine.
  • Pamper yourself with some spa treatments: no explanation needed, right?
  • Drinking fresh coconuts: super tasty and help you to keep hydrated throughout the day. How could you resist a fresh coconut directly from a coconut tree?

Don’t forget and what to bring: a variety of beachwear (incl. hat) & sunscreen. That’s it! :) And ladies: leave your high heels at home and enjoy the luxury of walking barefoot for the duration of your stay! 


Pictures and content created by @topolindra