The Majavia giveaway season


We love standing for elegance and sprinkling your trips with beautiful travel accessories in maritime hues, but we love Christmas even more, hence why we have jolly surprise to give you before this magic month begins. Only because it is the magic season and Christmas trees are getting filled with beautiful presents, we at Majavia want to be part of your holidays. We are ready to add a dash of splendeur to your list of presents and beautifully decorated trees, with our unique CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS.

Since we are full of love, we thought every Advent Sunday of this month would be the perfect excuse to give away a beautiful item of our Majavia travel accessories collection. So remember, every time you are lighting up the candle on your Advent calendar, we will be giving away a new CHRISTMAS GIFT. Now get your journals, phones or pens and hands and start saving the dates. Your reminder shall read as follows… “Christmas Giveaway at Majavia – Stay tuned!” So without further ado, here are the dates you should keep in mind during the upcoming weeks, if you would like to win one (or more…YES, more!) of our handsome travel items.

1st GIVEAWAY >> Sunday 3rd of December
2nd GIVEAWAY >> Sunday 10th of December
3rd GIVEAWAY >> Sunday 17th of December
4th GIVEAWAY >> Sunday 24th of December

The GIVEAWAYS will be released on Instagram, where we will be sharing all the necessary information regarding the giveaway. The lucky winner of each giveaway will be announced the next Saturday. Remember, you will be entering the giveaway only once you have followed the instructions on each of the Instagram giveaway posts. Cheeky tip: 
You may want to save some time by following us on Instagram and Facebook already :)