NEW – The Luggage Tag


If you thought real happiness only came with salty water and white sand beaches, let us just tell you how wrong you were. From now on it comes in Deep Dive and Lusty Seagreen in the shape of our brand new Luggage Tag. And if this wasn’t enough, it also comes in Sweet Margarita and Sparkling Breeze

This delicate and good-looking Luggage Tag is the missing piece to your exclusive travel accessories collection by Majavia – It’s a “There's No Me Without You” kinda situation.
Not only will our newest Majavia gang-member look stunning hanging elegantly from your suitcase on your next trip, but you will also be able to travel calmly knowing that all your necessary details are on your bag in the case your suitcase, decided to dive into an solo adventure and get mixed within many other suitcases travelling down the baggage belt.

So please, be our guest and start scrolling down to fill your eyes with our stylish and superb colour palette, while you think of a new upcoming adventure where you would like to send your New Luggage Tag by Majavia. 

Majavia Vienna