Christmas time @Majavia

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It is now DECEMBER and with this we enter the official time of humming the entire Christmas carol repertoire you resisted to sing throughout the year. Christmas is a special time and that is why ALL THE DELIVERIES ordered online during the month of December will be specially packed with a unique set of Christmas wrapping details that you will not want to miss. We added some extra shine to our products with our stunning and flawless silver bows, perfectly wrapped around our beloved Majavia original boxes. The hues combine together to perfection to make your unwrapping moment unforgettable. So since it is December 1st today, it is now time to go crazy clicking the "Add to cart" button RN and filling your families trees with stunningly wrapped Christmas boxes from Majavia.

Delivery Information
Here are the dates you should have in mind if you would like to have you personalized MAJAVIA under your tree by the 24th of December.

>> Before the 12th of December if you are in Finland, Portugal or Spain.
>> Before the 13th of December if you are in Estonia, Great Britain, Latvia or Sweden.
>> Before the 14th of December if you are in Greece, Ireland, Italy or Lithuania.
>> Before the 17th of December if you are in Germany, Belgium, Bulgary, Denmark, France, Croatia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic or Hungary.
>> Before the 18th of December if you are in Austria.

Please note that although we love spreading the love, once we have sent out your package it is out of our hands (and magic), meaning that these are non-binding details and we cannot guarantee your delivery.

Hurry, hurry. You don’t want to miss this one too!