The NEW YORK City Guide


This is probably the most visited concrete jungle (according to Alicia’s words) on earth. The big apple is by far one of the most impressive cities in the world, where the words “closing time” practically do not exist and the shinning stars mix with the reflection of the skyscrapers lights.
The city of $1 pizza slices, that was once occupied with 20s gangsters has a bunch of things to offer, from food, to shopping venues, events and experiences. So if you are planning on heading to the biggest polis of lights this winter, these are the things you should have in mind.


New York is a massive city with all types of food choices, from Asian, to European, American…so if you are having trouble to decide what to go for we would totally recommend Greenwich Village in the South part of the island. This part of Manhattan offers a million of possibilities and is totally worth stopping by at least one time while in New York.

Majavia Special Tip >> If we would have to recommend somewhere to eat a night out, somewhere where you can really forget about the traffic of midtown and simply enjoy a nice New Yorker style dinner, that would be at Moustache Pitza. This cozy and very small oriental restaurant, will justify your visit to New York. Located right next to the “Friends” apartment, it is a winner.
Where >> 90 Bedford St, New York
What to eat >> Nivik and Hummus are a must. Served with a huge pita bread that is totally worth a snap.


Of course, if there is something we all love doing, especially while in NYC, that will be shopping. You will definitely find anything in this city. From shoes, to bags, clothes, you name it. Even though the city is full of little and local shops with all types of products and unique things, if you are looking to fill your suitcase with clothes, you might want to head to Macys. One of the biggest retail shops in the United States, offering an insane amount of things.

Majavia Special Tip >> Try going on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Since these are the days with least visitors, they tend to shoot nutty discounts that will make your Visa card shiver. Thanks us later!
Where >> 151 W 34th St, New York
Secret Spot >> Take the lift all the way up to the last floor until you get to the Italian restaurant. We guarantee you the best views of the Empire State you can have to enjoy a good dish of pasta.


Finding accommodation in the big apple can get quite frustrating, especially because hostels can get very expensive for what they have to offer. Our recommendation would be that if you were looking for a real New York experience, you should stay in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is on the other side of Manhattan and you will find some very New York style apartments and houses that will make you want to snap every single brick of it. You will be able to enjoy its parks and the restaurants “you see in the movies”.
Manhattan tends to be full of tourists and hereby full of food brands that you could get in any part of the world. Williamsburg is also part of wonderful Brooklyn and this is definitely the district you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Known for its musical and artistic movement. Here you will find some of the most bizarre, cool and “hipster” places you have ever seen…simply perfect for a nice drink before heading to your hotel.

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