Behind the scenes - photoshoot


For the launch of our website and the first Majavia collection we’ve been choosing shooting locations in and around Vienna – as this is the place where the brand was born and raised.

Together with our beautiful models Lara (Tempo Models) and Joy (Stella Models), the talented makeup artist Karla Goldini and of course the best photographer Lisa Leutner we spent that amazing day and brought our brand to life.

Everything started in the 7th district of Vienna where the charming little streets and houses make the best background for our “viennese” photos. 

From there we continued our journey to Wimpassing for catching the sandy scenery of a quarry as a neutral and desert-like background for our photos. 



Last but not least we finished the day at DAS FRITZ – a beautifully located restaurant at Neusiedlersee. Struggling with the light situation and the stormy wind in the beginning we than managed to get perfect pictures at this place. Definitely need to come back with more time by our hands to enjoy the sunset with a sparkling glass of wine –

a perfect location for a single holiday out of the city! 

Majavia Vienna