Lovely Trip Selection - 4 Colors

Lovely Trip Selection - 4 Colors

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Die Lovely Trip Selection besteht aus den Produkten Cosmetic Pouch & iPhone Case - den zwei Produkten, die man einfach immer und überall braucht. Alle Produkte werden durch Gold- oder Blindprägung mit Initialen versehen.

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Cosmetic PouchiPhone Case

Material: Recyceltes Leder ..(prices incl. taxes, excl. shipping costs)

*Now available for the set-prize of 110€ (instead of 118€)* 

The Lovely Trip Selection consists of the products Cosmetic Pouch & iPhone Case - the two products that one needs anytime and anywhere. Both products are provided with initials by gold or blind embossing.

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Cosmetic Pouch | iPhone Case

Material: Recycled leather ....

Model iPhone Case: